Hotel Hairpin I love you

On a recent trip to Nice we rented a pair of scooters and took a drive along the coast. Once we got to Monaco the fanboy in me couldn’t resist taking a ride around the Formula 1 circuit. I was stupidly excited. Highlights included how long the actual climb up the hill is to the casino, the tunnel, seeing the swimming pool in real life (for some reason I thought this was something that had been built over many years ago), and of course the Hotel Hairpin – the slowest turn in F1 (at over 100km/h). On my second go round heading up to the casino to meet my group, I got stopped by the Casino police. Turns out it’s private property and they don’t like idiots on scoots racing past their front door all day. Can’t think why? They were friendly, just told me to take another route next time, but I’d already got my fix 🙂