FIeld Notes

  • Wirecutter is my bible

    Wirecutter is my bible

    Nice little shout-out from my friend Freddy Gerngross, a fellow Music Technology classmate at NYU, in an article he’s been working on to test and review the best consumer turntables for the New York Times’ Wirecutter. I was very happy to finally share some of the knowledge I’ve built up over the last 20-odd years…

  • Invasion


    I got to bang out a few of my tracks at the first MTech Invasion party. Performed live using an Octatrack and OTO Boum. Thanks to Alex and Rain for pulling off a great show. Hopefully more soon.

  • Hotel Hairpin I love you

    Hotel Hairpin I love you

    On a recent trip to Nice we rented a pair of scooters and took a drive along the coast. Once we got to Monaco the fanboy in me couldn’t resist taking a ride around the Formula 1 circuit. I was stupidly excited. Highlights included how long the actual climb up the hill is to the…

  • How not to travel home after being away for 6 weeks

    How not to travel home after being away for 6 weeks

    Deal with me as I explain what transpired over the past week. I’m writing this partly as a therapeutic exercise for myself, and because I don’t want to relive this bullshit by re-telling it to my friends, but I do want them to know… ALL the details… I’ve been in Europe since the beginning of…

  • Very Well

    Very Well

    One of my classes last semester was “Issues and Strategies in Electronic Music Creation”, presented by Morton Subotnick. If you know his name, you know what a massive privilege that was. What started as an idea for a static recording quickly evolved into a live performance arrangement. The process was daunting, but something I’ve wanted…

  • Out of Orbit – A live session

    Out of Orbit – A live session

    A collection of my own music performed live and recorded for the Out of Orbit podcast series