I like building experiences.

I’m really good at complex product design for enterprise organizations – like banks and cellular providers – the kind that requires the same amount of problem-solving skills as delicate diplomacy – being a good designer isn’t just about banging out wireframes.

I enjoy helping people solve problems – and this extends past a bunch of line items in a scoping document – to helping teams and clients find their own strengths.

I’ve been fortunate to work with some of the brightest and most creative minds in NYC over the last 11 years, at both small and large agencies, doing product and campaign work, and e-comm for everything from startups to large fashion houses.

I most recently completed a Master’s Degree in Music Technology at NYU, where I focussed my research on sensory perception and spatial audio – check out the immersive installations below…

Name dropping like…

Here’s some of the work that I’ve had my hand in more recently:

Verizon 5G Maps

Project: Roll out a new map experience that would illustrate the reach of Verizon’s coverage, while also educating users about 5G’s advantages.

Verizon Navigation Redesign

Project: Rethink the entire architecture of both the consumer and business sides of the Verizon site.
Consumer: Focus on individual customer needs.
Business: Prioritize organizational needs.
So many stakeholders on this one!